Student Applicant Information

Thank you for your formal interest in becoming a part of the American School of The Hague (ASH) community.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two-part application. This first part will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

After you have reviewed and submitted this initial information, you will receive a further email (to the account you registered with) asking you to click a link and complete a checklist. The checklist will indicate where you will need to supply further grade-specific forms and family information to complete your full application.

This application process requires you to provide personal data about yourself and your child(ren), collected through the application form, and in additional documents ASH will ask you to upload. This information is held confidentially at all times and only shared with applicable application review personnel. All data is governed and protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU–GDPR), and other related legislation. For information on this data protection, please contact:

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Only if the student goes by a name other than the student’s first name in their Primary Passport, please enter it here.
Please select the school year that you anticipate your child entering ASH.

NOTE: ASH follows a school year calendar typically beginning in August and ending in June.

Please select the anticipated grade at the time of your child’s entry into ASH to assist in the accuracy of our response to your question.
Please select any additional passport held here. This helps inform the school about additional diversities of the student and family.
Please enter your estimated/approximate intended date of entry into ASH.

NOTE: The ASH school year runs from August to June. If the student has completed a school year in December/January, and is seeking admission in the period immediately afterward, they would begin their next grade the following August. ASH cannot begin next grade education off-cycle from its stated school calendar.

Select the main language of instruction in the student’s current classroom setting.

NOTE: This is not an additional language course, rather the language the curriculum is taught in at their current school.

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